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Girl Talk Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to empower and motivate girls to be their BEST! Here, young girls talk freely about the issues that affect them on a daily basis. The young girls that attend Girl Talk know that they have someone they can trust and confide in, who will listen and be there for them when they feel unsure. They know that Girl Talk Inc. strives to help them navigate through any life issues that may come up in their journey to adulthood. We arm young girls with life skills that will help them to be successful in school, have positive social interactions with their peers, and boost their self-esteem to create a positive self-image.

It is our goal to give girls a voice and provide the mentoring and resources needed for young girls to reach their true potential. Girl Talk educates, help builds self-esteem, and foster independence by having volunteer staff on hand that are experienced in life issues that young girls face. Our staffing model also includes advisors and facilitators that possess the expertise needed to mentor and guide our girls in the areas that impact them the most.

Girl Talk Inc. will focus on areas such as Health & Wellness, Confidence Building, Coping Skills, College Preparedness, and Sex Education just to name a few. With these tools available to young girls, it is our goal to equip them with life skills that will enable them to make good decisions and become successful in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Girl Talk Incorporated is me. I remember being a young girl wishing for a wiser, older sister I could share my ideas and experiences with. Being the only girl out of six brothers, I found myself needing someone in my immediate community that could relate to what I was experiencing as a young woman.

While my mother is the sweetest, most loving woman I know—in my youth, she was working through her own issues and unconsciously didn’t have the capacity for mine. It was always, “don’t do this!” or” don’t do that!” and there was never a real or honest conversation about, “WHY NOT!?”  

With my father being in and out of prison for much of my younger life, having an absent parent perpetuated my feelings of low self-image and worth. I began thinking I wasn’t pretty or loved because no one was telling or showing me otherwise. 

Listen: all parents do the best they can with what they’ve been given—but I really needed those important conversations in my teen years. I often wonder if I could have avoided some of the challenges I went through if only I would have had someone to confide in.

After struggling with teen pregnancy, dropping out of high school, and poor decision-making in my 20s, I vowed to get myself together and do whatever I could to make sure young girls NEVER felt the way I was made to feel.   

Years (and a lot of hard work) later, my dream came true! Girl Talk Incorporated was developed so girls can have a supportive environment to talk freely about the issues and challenges they face as they transition into their teen and adult years. 

Our plan is to reach as many young women as possible and show them that they are not alone. With Girl Talk Inc., girls in the Indianapolis community will always have someone to help guide them in the direction of SUCCESS and SELF-LOVE

It takes a village! Thanks so much for your continued support,

Sonya Cooke

Sonya Cooke

Meet Our Founder and Executive Director

Sonya Cooke

Founder and Executive Director

Sonya Cooke is a wife and mother of two currently living a blessed life in Indianapolis, IN, but this was not always the case. Sonya has overcome many struggles in her life, beginning at a very early age.

In 2016 Sonya started her very own nonprofit called Girl Talk Incorporated, where the mission is to equip young girls with life skills that will allow them to become successful in achieving their personal and professional goals.

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Girl Talk Incorporated is excited to open up its board invitation process. If you would like to join an organization that has a passion for making a difference and serving teen girls in the Indianapolis community, please consider joining our Board of Directors. 


Please fill out our Board of Directors’ questionnaire, or if you have any questions, contact us at 317-731-2820.

Want to be a part of our village?

If you have a passion for mentoring and connecting with young girls, assisting them in reaching their personal and professional goals; please consider volunteering with Girl Talk Inc.