Girl Talk presents: Reality Check Event A State of Emergency

February 17, 2024 Reality Check, State of Emergency

Saturday, February 17 · 11am – 2pm
 The Creative Space  |  5060 E 62nd St, Suite 100, 46220

Mark your calendars for an event that will spark powerful conversations and inspire change. Girl Talk Incorporated presents: “Reality Check,” Addressing Crucial Issues Impacting our youth.

Why You Can’t Miss This:

  • Dynamic Panel Discussions: Engage with experts discussing topics affecting our community – from mental health to teen pregnancy. Your voice matters!
  • Youth Empowerment: Hear inspiring stories from our youth-led panel, showcasing the strength and resilience of our next generation.
  • Gain valuable insights from a keynote speaker representing teen organizations. Learn about building confidence and creating safe spaces for young ladies.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, community leaders, and organizations dedicated to positive change. Let’s build a stronger, more united community!
Women's Circle Brunch benefiting Girl Talk Indy

Women’s Circle Brunch

Saturday, March 30 · 12 – 4pm
Niedhammer Events  |  2104 E. Washington St.

Girl Talk has been selected to be the recipient of March’s Women’s Circle Brunch Silent Auction!

March is Women’s History Month! Ladies, we have a lot to celebrate. After all, we are blazing the trail in entrepreneurship by being on the rise in creating our own businesses! I want to capitalize on our growth as businesswomen.

At this event, we are going to celebrate, enlarge our network, and have some knowledge dropped on you from the expert panel. Most importantly, the silent auction bidding will help raise $25,000 for Girl Talk.

Conversations For Our Daughters

An annual event where mothers and daughters come together, and mothers share their most intimate life experiences with their daughters.

This event allows daughters to get a better understanding of who their mothers are, why they parent the way they do, and why they make the decisions they make. This conversation is intended to bring the mother-daughter relationship closer, and their bond stronger, so they’ll both understand that mom’s life experiences shared will only build her daughter’s confidence, mental and emotional well-being.

Stay tuned for the next Conversations For Our Daughters.